Thursday, November 10, 2016

Piles operation the last yet important treatment to reduce pain in illness

Piles or Haemorrhoids is the state of illness that affects the anal region. The after effects are severe that can cause bleeding, pain and lump formation in the patients. It is with the help of the piles medicine, the stagnation of the blood can be cured.
The swollen veins causes itching, pain and discomfort. If the condition gets worse, the only way left for the treatment generally is piles operation. The pain lasts till the time you pass your stool.There are chances that the patient can bleed at times and this is the condition of bleeding pains.
The piles may be internal or external, but the simple way to cut off the disease is to consume the piles medicine regularly. The piles operation should be the last option to get the piles treated.
The piles is caused majorly by the change in the lifetsyle of the people. The long seating hour job forces you to not change your position quite often.This can cause the frequent occurrence of the painful disease called piles.
One important thing that everyone should know is that piles can happen to anyone.The piles operation is suggested as the last alternative only when other treatments do not work for the cure.
There are many surgical procedures for piles along with the piles medicine that can help alleviate the pain of the patient. But not all the piles cases needs to be cured with the help of the surgery. Piles can be either an internal or external. Before you choose the final piles operation, it is better to understand and know the consequences of it.
The blood vessels around the anus and the rectum will stretch under pressure that may lead to swelling as well. The risk of developing piles increases with the age. The Piles Medicine can help a bit, but sometimes when the condition is critical, the patient might have to undertake a surgery as well.
The unpleasant inflammations in the anal canal occurs due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy and straining when passing a stool. The piles operation is called as haemorrhoidectomy which is carried out with general anaesthetic.
The old methods involve gently opening the anus so that the risen pieces of lumps can be cut gently. Sometimes, patient feel pain after the surgery which may take about a week to recover. The patients need to take proper care after the piles operation.


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